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Name: Stella
Age: 26
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Character Basics:
Character Name: Ashley Magnus
Journal: [personal profile] panicswitched
Age: 23
Fandom: Sanctuary
Canon Point: 2x02: End of Nights Part 2
Class A: murder, treason / betrayal
Class B: assault, theft, robbery, burglary, kidnapping
Class C: bribery, carrying a concealed weapon, destruction of ecosystem, fleeing the scene of a crime, property damage, threatening death, traumatizing your loved ones

GRAND TOTAL: 48 years, 2 months

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ashley magnus

helen magnus: mother
the woman ashley loves and trusts above all others. she might not have had nearly enough time with helen in the castle, but ashley loves her mother more than anything else and she was distraught by helen's disappearance. she will do anything to protect helen and even though they often argue over what to do in certain situations, ashley will always, always follow her mother's wishes and instructions. the only times they were on the outs with each other were both over her biological father, once in canon after the five when ashley was upset that she hadn't found out about her father from helen and once in paradisa when she overheard helen talking fondly about druitt to galadriel. she managed to deal with both situations and get over them as best she could.

james watson: father figure
not long before her removal from the castle, ashley admitted that she saw james as her father figure. she loves him like a real father and they had an argument over her "dad" versus her "father." sure the big guy helped raise her, but she sees him more like henry, as a big brother-type. or an old friend. james she loves unconditionally and she wants him to be happy and not dead, like her. she takes his counsel to heart and knows if he likes someone, they're probably a good person. with the exception of her biological father, but she has daddy issues.

katniss everdeen: best friend
katniss was someone ashley trusted, someone who had come to know the best and worst of her, and ashley knew she could always count on katniss to help her out. ashley knew katniss as a capable fighter and katniss had saved her life at least once. she had also not rejected ashley after they had show and tell about what the cabal did to her.

nora diniro: good friend
nora got the cabal story out of her eventually, too, but while nora was very strong-willed, she didn't have the capability of handling ashley's physical side, not like katniss and maladict. still, ashley trusted nora fully and nora had the added bonus of being practically adopted by james.

galadriel: mentor
someone trusted and respected by both james and helen, galadriel was the first person to get the cabal story out of ashley and ever since then, ashley viewed her as a mentor, someone she could go to for advice. she respects galadriel, even if the elf is a little weird and old-fashioned.

giotto: a friend of james' is a friend of hers
also a kind of mentor-figure. giotto got the cabal story out of ashley one day and they bonded over the issue of doing things you aren't proud of or had no control over. since then, they were friends rather than friend of a friend.

maladict: sister/friend???
someone ashley trusted enough to ask to off her if the cabal ever got to her in the castle or the place made her go crazy and start trying to kill people. she liked and respected mal, despite mal's choice in nikola for a significant other. they joked about making helen's life miserable with their coffee addiction.

lucy: the spartan friend
really good fighter. she could take ashley in a fight and ashley felt comfortable sparring with her. after sticking her foot in her mouth regarding lucy's inability to talk, ashley came to consider her a friend.

peter petrelli: friend
pretty good guy, friend of her mother's. ashley liked him pretty well and they got along.

nikola tesla: so confused
it's nikola tesla and there was that one time he tried to kill her mother, but he also fought for helen against ashley and he was kind of... okay... ish... while she was at paradisa and maybe he's not so bad. he was actually kind of civil to her while she was there. sort of.

people she knows by name
  • queen anne boleyn - her majesty - weird but okay
  • sherlock holmes - bbc sherlock - needs to go jump off a bridge
  • lemony snicket - seriously?
  • yukiko - cool?
  • chell - code blair
  • phoebe halliwell - code blair
  • sawada tsunayoshi - giotto's grandson. crazy dude. wtf
  • agent north dakota - cooking buddy
  • danny fenton - pretty chill. kinda weird, but who isn't?
  • frodo - cooking buddy 2.0
  • -
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    ashley magnus
    ♕ sanctuary
    teleios with paradisa cr au
    2x02: end of nights part 2

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